If You Shower With Your Baby, At Last, There Is A Shower Seat For Babies!


Wash That Baby, the world’s first shower seat designed for babies, will make showering with your baby easier and safer.


Sometimes it is difficult to hold a slippery, wiggly baby while in the shower.  You practically need two hands for the baby and then another two hands for the soap and washcloth. Wash That Baby is like an extra set of hand


I had the opportunity to review a cool new baby product! I don't have a small baby, so what is a reviewer to do? Have a friend try it out and review it, of course! The product is Wash That Baby, the world's first shower seat for baby to shower with you. Here's her review!


Hi, my name is Rachel and I was asked to review this great product for Macaroni Kid. Bath time for baby is always a hard chore, and always hard on my back! Bending over the tub and holding my slippery little girl is always a tough chore. I was so excited to have my husband install the Wash That Baby Shower Seat in our shower. The installation went smoothly. There is a bracket that you just bolt to the wall and you put the seat on when you want to use it and take it off when not in use.

The frame is lightweight and it is easy and quick to take it on and off of the bracket. The seat holds babies and toddlers up to 60 pounds, so very sturdy! The straps hold baby in perfectly, no slipping and sliding. I cannot express enough how fantastic it was to wash baby while standing up in the shower! And she sure loved showering with me. She has fun every time. If you're looking for a great alternative way to bathe your little one, this is it. New and innovative, the Wash That Baby Shower Seat has made bathtime so much easier for us!



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