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SAFE, EASY, FAST, World’s First Shower Seat for Babies to Shower with Mom. This baby shower seat comes assembled and ready to go all you have to do is securely mount the bracket to the wall.

The baby shower seat comes with 3 brackets that can be mounted anywhere. The bracket is made from steel and the seat frame is made from aluminum which makes it light and easy to handle.


Safety Thigh Straps – Thigh Straps are a NEW safety feature as

recommended in Consumer Product Safety Report for Fall and Injury prevention.  Baby cannot stand up or wiggle out of the seat.


Safety Belt – Safety Belt is adjustable to fit all size babies.

Belt keeps baby securely inside the seat.


Strong Aluminum Frame – Seat’s frame is rust proof aluminum.

Frame is light weight yet extremely strong.  This seat holds up to

a 30 pound baby.


Steel Cables – Steel Support Cables used in the frame withstand

hundreds of pounds of pressure.  Cable will not break under normal use.


Quick Drying Antibacterial Fabric – PVC coated fabric on chair

takes less than 5 minutes to dry. Seat is clean and ready for re-use quickly.


USA Patent Pending