1. Bolt the Wall Bracket (Fig. 1), with the smooth side facing outward and bolted side against wall, onto the bathroom shower wall.We recommend placing the wall bracket on the wall at a comfortable height for the adult user.  This height will vary.  For most Moms, the seat is easiest to use when baby is sitting at counter top level or 36 inchesoff the floor.



Tips for bolting the bracket:  Find the stud behind the wall.  Bolt at least 2 of the 4 screws into the stud.  Use drywall anchors if you are not bolting into a stud. Use a drill with the proper drill bit for your wall (such as ceramic or fiberglass). Drilling and bolting in a grout line is easier.


2. Slide the Hook into the slot on the Wall Bracket (Fig 1).

3. Place the Seat Bracket onto the Hook (Fig. 3).

4. Secure baby in the seat by sliding baby’s legs through elastic Thigh Restraints (Fig. 4).

5. Buckle the safety strap around Baby’s waist (Fig. 4).©2014  |  Design: